4-star hotels → 2-star prices

Get a free comparative quotation now through

online bidding to book multi rooms or a banquet hall

Hotel room and banquet hall can be offered at a particularly low price at BidingStay
through the joint purchase of many bidding of corporates & groups
And if you want to use multiple rooms,
we will offer you additional discounted prices through a separate quotation.

  • ▶ Service overview

    Book multiple rooms or a banquet hall, and get a free comparative quotation now through online bidding.
    When corporates, groups, and individuals want to book multiple rooms or banquet hall at a hotel, it is now possible to make a cheap and convenient booking by offering a free comparison quotation service through online bidding at BidingStay, Also we offer a free booking solution that allows you to book and pay online when you book your room.

  • ▶ How can get the lowest price?

    * Many hotels participate in competitive bidding and offer lower prices

    When you book multiple rooms or a banquet hall, you can offer cheaper rates as many hotels compete and offer prices through online bidding

    * Lowered the price by a joint purchase model instead of just buying it alone

    Instead of booking a hotel separately, corporates and groups can get together and jointly bid on the platform for a lower price

    * The closed-mall approach allows us to offer lower prices

    If the unexpectedly cheap price is revealed online to the unspecified number of people, the hotel adopts a closed mall method that blinds the hotel’s name as it faces a lot of resistance.
    Therefore, only the participant who has given the unique verification code to the event will be able to search the hotel after entering the verification code, and the hotel’s name can be viewed. In case of the general reservation, the hotel name is also closed and the hotel name as the service is configured to check, hotels participating in the reverse auction can offer unprecedented prices without worrying about price disruptions or brand image damage

  • ▶Service flowchart

    * Free comparative quotation service through online bidding

    1)Click on [Bidding & Partner] menu on this site and click [Bidding for rooms & banquet hall].

    2)The customer enters all necessary information about the necessary room or banquet hall bidding and requests for a bid.

    3)Email and send SMS these eligible auctions to eligible hotels and get them to bid.

    4)Hotels that meet the criteria are participating in competitive bidding online.

    5)Select the best hotel among the bidding information received and recommend the hotel to customers.

    6)Among the recommended hotels, the customer concluded a contract after the final selection.

    * Group members or event participants can make reservations online

    1)Create a room reservation page for each event
    (You can freely set your own URL and unique verification code on this reservation page)

    2)Match the room information and price of the hotel that won the event

    3)Notice the exclusive reservation page URL and unique verification code to members or participants and then use it

    4)Access the reservation page and enter the verification code and search for the hotel room

    5)Choose from among the hotel's selected rooms through pre-bidding and make your reservation and payment

    6)The reservation information of the customer is delivered to the hotel and the reservation is processed

    7)The booker will print out the voucher provided at the time of booking and present it to the hotel on the day of stay

    8)If you want to cancel your reservation on the way, you can cancel reservation

    ▶ How do corporates, groups, and individuals bid?

    Please apply for online bidding by referring to <Bidding & Partner> menu on the upper right side [click here]
    Currently, we offer free comparison quotation service by bidding for rooms and banquet hall of domestic hotels in Korea. Domestic condominiums, pensions, and other country’s hotels provide services in the future.